Scenic Sunday Drive – Jackpot Nevada to Las Vegas on US Highway 93 [Video]

Today's Scenic Sunday Drive takes place in eastern Nevada, primarily along US Highway 93 and Nevada Highway 318, between the Idaho state line at Jackpot to Las Vegas; a drive of approximately 450 miles. [Each Sunday I plan to release a scenic drive from somewhere around the country for your viewing pleasure. I don’t plan to narrate these, although I may include some informational banners if appropriate. The point is to just enjoy the … [Read more...]

Las Vegas to Winnemucca, Nevada [Video]

Ride along as we take a scenic drive from Las Vegas to Winnemucca, Nevada. Along the way we'll visit the towns of Beatty, Goldfield and Tonopah. Early in the journey, I get a nasty surprise! Then we'll watch some old guy feeding pigeons in the desert. I hope you enjoy this video; I recommend viewing it in full screen mode. Additional Features Something not featured in the video is the monument … [Read more...]