Hermiston to Camas Part 2
Hermiston to Camas Part 1
Mill City to Hermiston
Death Valley Day
Trailer Sweep Out

Scenery Across America

Winnemucca, NV to Portland, OR [Video]

This is the second part of my trip from Las Vegas to Portland. I recommend you watch the … [Read More...]

What I’m Reading

[Audio Book] The German War; A Nation under Arms, 1939-1945

Told from the perspective of everyday Germans, both soldiers on the front lines as well as … [Read More...]

Eating on the Road

Eating Healthy on the Road; Fresh Orange Snacks

Oranges make for a quick, easy and healthy snack when you're on the road. You can buy them … [Read More...]

Hazards of the Road

[Video] Windy Day in Arkansas 3-31-2016

Weather can be treacherous at times, and not just in the winter when you have to deal with … [Read More...]

Things to See & Do

[Video] Salt River Canyon – August 2016

In east-central Arizona, between Globe and Show Low, US Highway 60 traverses the Salt … [Read More...]

U.S. Cities

Houston, TX to Greenville, SC – Day 1 Hooking the Loaded Trailer [Video]

After making the five deliveries to Kroger grocery stores in the Houston area, I logged on … [Read More...]

Truck Stops

[Video] Slow Day at the Fuel Pumps

Spending time at truck stops is a nearly every day occurrence for many truckers; in fact, I'm parked at one as I write this! Truckers spend time at truck stops … [Read More...]

Fueling at Petro in Laramie, Wyoming [Video]

Fueling operations happen almost every day out on the road. This is an example of a fueling operation at the Petro in Laramie, Wyoming recently. I hope you … [Read More...]

Shipping & Receiving

Neelys Landing, MO to Houston, TX Day 3 – Making the Deliveries [Video]

After hooking the loaded trailer in Neelys Landing, Missouri, we drove to the first delivery location in Pasadena, Texas. If you didn't watch the three previous … [Read More...]

Driving from Dallas, TX to Camas, WA – Day 5: Making Delivery in Camas [Video]

This is the sixth and final video in a six-part series that show my journey as I transport a load of copy paper from Dallas, Texas to Camas, Washington. If you … [Read More...]

Product Reviews

Memory Foam Mattress Topper

When I first started out on the road in my first truck I found the stock bunk mattress very uncomfortable. I had trouble sleeping all night and would wake up … [Read More...]

Questions & Answers

Over The Road Trucking Questions and Answers – July 2017 [Video]

I occasionally get questions from viewers about over-the-road trucking operations. This video addresses a batch of questions from Bill C, a viewer in … [Read More...]