Houston, TX to Greenville, SC – Day 4 Driving Atlanta Rush Hour Traffic [Video]

Today we'll continue our trek across the southern States of Alabama, Georgia and into South Carolina before making delivery in Greenville. If you haven’t watched the previous videos in this series, I recommend you watch them first: Day 1: Hooking the Loaded Trailer in Houston Day 2: Crossing Louisiana on I-10 Day 3: Crossing Mississippi and Alabama We'll have to fight Atlanta rush hour traffic along the way, but we'll see … [Read more...]

Houston, TX to Greenville, SC – Day 1 Hooking the Loaded Trailer [Video]

After making the five deliveries to Kroger grocery stores in the Houston area, I logged on to the load board to find a new load. I settled on a load that was ready to go and already sitting in Schneider's Houston drop yard. This load delivers in Greenville, South Carolina Wednesday night at 10 pm. It's about 3:30 pm on Monday; so, with about 950 miles with the deadhead to the yard and then on to Greenville, it'll be an easy two … [Read more...]

Driving The Cross Bronx Expressway and George Washington Bridge [Video]

In this video of my drive along the Cross Bronx Expressway to cross from New York to New Jersey over the Hudson River via the George Washington Bridge, I make the best time ever for this drive during the day. The previous night, I delivered in Windsor, Connecticut and was on a 150 mile dead-head (no load) to get my next load in Elizabeth, New Jersey. Most of my dead-head runs are less than 100 miles, but sometimes it makes … [Read more...]