Trailer Tales

Driving for a large company often means hooking to a different trailer from one load to the next. It can even be rare to pull the same trailer for more than a few days before swapping it for a different one. #Trucking

Trailer Sweep Out and License Plate Light Replacement in Groveport, OH [Video]

After making a delivery of pallets to Columbus, Ohio, the trailer is a mess! Before going on to the next pick up, I'll have to sweep out the trailer. Fortunately, Schneider has a terminal in the southeastern suburb of Groveport. We'll head there and back up to a dumpster that is there for just that reason. I hope you enjoy this video; I recommend viewing it in¬†full screen mode. If you … [Read more...]

Neelys Landing, MO to Houston, TX Day 1 – The Trailer Chase Game [Video]

Ride along with me as I spend a good chunk of my morning in search of an empty trailer in Edwardsville, Illinois, across the river from Saint Louis, Missouri. After delivering nearby the night before, I spent the night at our terminal in Edwardsville. The place I delivered to didn't have any empty trailers last night, so I called it a day expecting there to be an empty trailer available in the morning. Our next stop is in … [Read more...]

Dallas, TX to Camas, WA – Day 1 Hooking the Load [Video]

This is the first in a six-part series of videos that show my journey as I transport a load from Dallas, Texas to Camas, Washington. This video highlights hooking a loaded trailer at a drop yard in Dallas. I hope you enjoy this video; I recommend viewing it in full screen mode. The next video in this series is:¬†Dallas, TX to Camas, WA Day 1 Hooking the Load If you enjoyed this video and … [Read more...]