[Video] Aspers, PA to Wells, ME 9-14-2016 (Part 1)

Here’s a little bit of what it’s like to be an over-the-road trucker. Follow along as I head out to pick up my next load.

My day starts at the terminal in Carlisle, Pennsylvania as I prepare to head out to the small town of Aspers, about 24 miles to the south to hook a preloaded trailer that I will deliver to a wholesale grocer in Wells, Maine the next evening.

Route Carlisle to Aspers

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This video shows me leaving the terminal, stopping at a nearby Flying J truck stop to clean my windshield and grab some coffee before jumping onto Interstate 81 and then Pennsylvania highway 34, which seems more like a county road to me, to get to Aspers.

Along the way, I show quite a lot of Mount Holly Springs, a charming Pennsylvania town. Most of the rest of the video is a high-speed drive through some very pretty rural scenery

I hope you enjoy this video; I recommend viewing it in full screen mode.

In the next video, I’ll share the 500-mile drive through seven states; Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Maine.

Route Aspers to Wells

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Part two of this video is available here: [Video] Aspers, PA to Wells, ME 9-15-2016 (Part 2)


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