Picking Up Tractor Supplies and Other Stuff in Casa Grande, AZ [Video]

Saturday, August 5, 2017 In the last post I said that the next video would feature making a delivery in Aurora, Colorado; however, for some reason I didn't film any of that or any of the next couple of days where I hauled a load of flour from the Denver area to a bakery in Mesa, Arizona. I don't remember why I didn't film for two days, but we'll just pick things up in Arizona. Today we're hooking a trailer loaded with small farm … [Read more...]

Rolling East Along the Oregon Trail – Hermiston, OR to Ogden, UT [Video]

Monday, July 31, 2017 After picking up this load of copy paper in Camas, Washington, we returned to the Pilot Travel Center near Hermiston, Oregon. Our next stop on this drive to deliver in Aurora, Colorado is Ogden, Utah. Nearly all of today's drive is along the Historic Oregon Trail. Some of my own family traveled this route in the 1840's, so this route has personal significance. Roads Travelled: Interstate 84 Scenic … [Read more...]

A Washington Scenic Drive Along the Columbia River – Hermiston OR to Camas WA Part 2 [Video]

Sunday, July 30, 2017 Today we’re deadheading (driving without freight en route to pick up freight) from Hermiston, Oregon to Camas, Washington; a driving distance of 177 miles. This is part two of that drive. If you missed part one; you should watch it first: An Oregon Scenic Drive Along the Columbia River – Hermiston OR to Camas WA Part 1 This portion of the drive is all about driving on the Washington side of the Columbia … [Read more...]