Missouri Needs Some California Onions – Firebaugh, CA to Primm, NV [Video]

Monday, August 7, 2017 After making delivery in Sonora, California, we continue on to Firebaugh to pick up a load of onion product to haul to Independence, Missouri. This map shows our route from Firebaugh, California and each end-of-day stops over the next several days until we make delivery in Independence, Missouri: After picking up the load, we'll retrace much of the route we took yesterday. Once we reach Kramer … [Read more...]

From the High Desert to The Big Valley – Hesperia, CA to Sonora, CA [Video]

Sunday, August 6, 2017 Today we're continuing on to Sonora, California from Hesperia, where we stopped last night. We'll drive through some great desert scenery on the way to Bakersfield.¬†Along the way, I'll point out some interesting towns and points of interest. Cities and Towns Featured Along the Way: Hesperia, California Tehachapi, California Bakersfield, California Oakdale, California Scenic Points Along … [Read more...]

Picking Up Tractor Supplies and Other Stuff in Casa Grande, AZ [Video]

Saturday, August 5, 2017 In the last post I said that the next video would feature making a delivery in Aurora, Colorado; however, for some reason I didn't film any of that or any of the next couple of days where I hauled a load of flour from the Denver area to a bakery in Mesa, Arizona. I don't remember why I didn't film for two days, but we'll just pick things up in Arizona. Today we're hooking a trailer loaded with small farm … [Read more...]