Bearmouth Rest Area, Interstate 90, Montana

I'm so glad I got a chance to stop at this rest area on a sunny winter day. This rest area is between Drummond and Clinton, Montana. The picture above is from the west-bound side of the rest area. From the Bearmouth historical marker: During the 1860's, Bearmouth, located across the river to the south, was a trading center for the gold camps of Beartown, Garner and Coloma, which were located in the hills near here. Bearmouth … [Read more...]

Echo Canyon Rest Area, Interstate 80, Utah

About 30 - 40 minutes east of Salt Lake City, Utah on Interstate 80, Echo Canyon is part of the Mormon┬áTrail. This natural path through the mountains was used by Native American's for thousands of years before being used by explorers, European settlers, railroads, and now, Interstate 80. Click on a thumbnail image below to see full size images. PS; Have you visited this rest area? Share your impressions in the comments … [Read more...]