Driving Across Ohio, West Virginia and Pennsylvania – Brazil, IN to Carlisle, PA [Video]

Sunday, August 13, 2017 After yesterday's delays in Missouri and Illinois, we're running behind schedule and cannot make on-time delivery. Plus, we have another tire problem! In the morning I called in to HQ to let them know I couldn't make the delivery appointment. Later in the day I learn they want me to drop the loaded trailer at the Carlisle, Pennsylvania terminal and they'll reschedule delivery with a different … [Read more...]

Moving like the Wind – Delivering Beans to York Pennsylvania [Video]

Today we continue our journey to deliver beans to York, Pennsylvania. If you didn't watch the video where we picked up the load, check that one out first: Roll that Beautiful Bean Footage – Hauling Beans from TN to York, PA This map shows the route we’re taking to York, Pennsylvania: Along the way I discuss how I occupy myself while driving. I never get bored while driving so long as I have podcasts and audio books … [Read more...]

[Video] Aspers, PA to Wells, ME 9-15-2016 (Part 2)

This is part two of my video showing the second day of my drive from Aspers, Pennsylvania to Wells, Maine. If you missed part one, I recommend you watch Aspers, PA to Wells, ME 9-14-2016 (Part 1) where I start at the terminal in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, stop at the Carlisle Flying J truck stop to clean my windshield and get coffee; I must have coffee! This video features the portion of my drive through the New England States of … [Read more...]