A Beautiful Day for a Drive – Mill City NV to Hermiston OR [Video]

July 29, 2017 Today is a beautiful day for a drive in northern Nevada and eastern Oregon. I love this part of the country! The day is spend driving north along US Highway 95 through north central Nevada, southeastern Oregon and into western Idaho where we'll pick up Interstate Highway 84 to head back into Oregon. Along the way we'll see very scenic views as well as the aftermath of a truck accident. At the end of the day, we … [Read more...]

A Death Valley Kind Of Day – Fontana CA to Winnemucca NV [Video]

In the last couple of videos, I shared driving over the Hudson River in New York, and then sweeping out a trailer in Groveport, Ohio in May 2017. I didn't record much usable video during May, June and July, and some of that I used to create Scenic Sunday Drive videos. Fast forward to the end of July I have made a concerted effort to create daily videos beginning on July 28th, which is when this video takes place. With just a few … [Read more...]

Trailer Sweep Out and License Plate Light Replacement in Groveport, OH [Video]

After making a delivery of pallets to Columbus, Ohio, the trailer is a mess! Before going on to the next pick up, I'll have to sweep out the trailer. Fortunately, Schneider has a terminal in the southeastern suburb of Groveport. We'll head there and back up to a dumpster that is there for just that reason. I hope you enjoy this video; I recommend viewing it in full screen mode. https://youtu.be/1mLn9cVDKn8 If you … [Read more...]