Hooking a Loaded Trailer, Scaling It and Replacing Lights – Hermiston, OR to Camas, WA Part 3 [Video]

Sunday, July 30, 2017 This video shows what happened once we arrived at the shipper, as well as some trailer maintenance I performed after hooking the loaded trailer during this drop and hook operation. This video is part three for this drive from Hermiston, Oregon, to Camas, Washington, and then back to Oregon. If you missed parts one or two; you should watch them first: An Oregon Scenic Drive Along the Columbia River – … [Read more...]

Houston, TX to Greenville, SC – Day 1 Hooking the Loaded Trailer [Video]

After making the five deliveries to Kroger grocery stores in the Houston area, I logged on to the load board to find a new load. I settled on a load that was ready to go and already sitting in Schneider's Houston drop yard. This load delivers in Greenville, South Carolina Wednesday night at 10 pm. It's about 3:30 pm on Monday; so, with about 950 miles with the deadhead to the yard and then on to Greenville, it'll be an easy two … [Read more...]

Dallas, TX to Camas, WA – Day 1: On to Amarillo [Video]

This is the second in a six-part series of videos that show my journey as I transport a load from Dallas, Texas to Camas, Washington. If you haven't watched the first video, I highly recommend you watch that one first: Dallas, TX to Camas, WA Day 1: Hooking the Load This video highlights driving through the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, getting my rig weighed on a CAT Scale, as well as an explanation of the information on the … [Read more...]