Moving like the Wind – Delivering Beans to York Pennsylvania [Video]

Today we continue our journey to deliver beans to York, Pennsylvania. If you didn't watch the video where we picked up the load, check that one out first: Roll that Beautiful Bean Footage – Hauling Beans from TN to York, PA This map shows the route we’re taking to York, Pennsylvania: Along the way I discuss how I occupy myself while driving. I never get bored while driving so long as I have podcasts and audio books … [Read more...]

Roll that Beautiful Bean Footage – Hauling Beans from TN to York, PA [Video]

After delivering toilets in Greenville, South Carolina last night, we had to deadhead 134 miles to Dandridge, Tennessee for the next load. We drove 124 miles before parking at a Walmart in Newport, Tennessee for the night. The next morning we covered the remaining 10 miles to Bush's Baked Beans facility near Dandridge. The bulk of this video shows a drop and hook operation at a shipper. Drop and hook operations are typically … [Read more...]

[Video] Aspers, PA to Wells, ME 9-14-2016 (Part 1)

Here's a little bit of what it's like to be an over-the-road trucker. Follow along as I head out to pick up my next load. My day starts at the terminal in Carlisle, Pennsylvania as I prepare to head out to the small town of Aspers, about 24 miles to the south to hook a preloaded trailer that I will deliver to a wholesale grocer in Wells, Maine the next evening. This video shows me leaving the terminal, stopping at a nearby … [Read more...]