Neelys Landing, MO to Houston, TX Day 2 – Making the Drive to Houston [Video]

After hooking the loaded trailer yesterday in Neelys Landing, Missouri, we drove until reaching a roadside inspection pull off on Interstate 40 just east of Little Rock, Arkansas. If you didn't watch that video, I recommend you watch it first: Neelys Landing, MO to Houston, TX Day 1 – Hooking the Loaded Trailer We're ready to finish the trip to Houston, Texas, but first we've got to make a pit stop in Little Rock for a shower, … [Read more...]

[Video] Windy Day in Arkansas 3-31-2016

Weather can be treacherous at times, and not just in the winter when you have to deal with ice and snow on the roadways. Hurricanes and tropical storms along the Atlantic and Gulf Coast areas, tornados in the Mid-West and Mid-South regions as well as nasty rain or hail storms. I have encountered strong winds in several parts of the country, and this isn't the first time I've seen this kind of damage; the video below was recorded … [Read more...]