Scenery You Might See Across America

North America has some incredible scenery to be seen from the nation's highway system. #TruckingLife

Neelys Landing, MO to Houston, TX Day 2 – Making the Drive to Houston [Video]

After hooking the loaded trailer yesterday in Neelys Landing, Missouri, we drove until reaching a roadside inspection pull off on Interstate 40 just east of Little Rock, Arkansas. If you didn't watch that video, I recommend you watch it first: Neelys Landing, MO to Houston, TX Day 1 – Hooking the Loaded Trailer We're ready to finish the trip to Houston, Texas, but first we've got to make a pit stop in Little Rock for a shower, … [Read more...]

Driving The Cross Bronx Expressway and George Washington Bridge [Video]

In this video of my drive along the Cross Bronx Expressway to cross from New York to New Jersey over the Hudson River via the George Washington Bridge, I make the best time ever for this drive during the day. The previous night, I delivered in Windsor, Connecticut and was on a 150 mile dead-head (no load) to get my next load in Elizabeth, New Jersey. Most of my dead-head runs are less than 100 miles, but sometimes it makes … [Read more...]

Driving the Scenic Virgin River Gorge in The Arizona Strip [Video]

In the extreme northwest corner of Arizona, in an area known as 'The Arizona Strip', Interstate 15 passes through the Virgin River Gorge. Carved by the Virgin River, this gorge is one of the many scenic drives in Arizona. I hope you enjoy this video; I recommend viewing it in full screen mode. If you enjoyed this video and would like to see more like it from across the United States, be sure to … [Read more...]