Driving Across Ohio, West Virginia and Pennsylvania – Brazil, IN to Carlisle, PA [Video]

Sunday, August 13, 2017 After yesterday's delays in Missouri and Illinois, we're running behind schedule and cannot make on-time delivery. Plus, we have another tire problem! In the morning I called in to HQ to let them know I couldn't make the delivery appointment. Later in the day I learn they want me to drop the loaded trailer at the Carlisle, Pennsylvania terminal and they'll reschedule delivery with a different … [Read more...]

Hooking a Loaded Trailer, Scaling It and Replacing Lights – Hermiston, OR to Camas, WA Part 3 [Video]

Sunday, July 30, 2017 This video shows what happened once we arrived at the shipper, as well as some trailer maintenance I performed after hooking the loaded trailer during this drop and hook operation. This video is part three for this drive from Hermiston, Oregon, to Camas, Washington, and then back to Oregon. If you missed parts one or two; you should watch them first: An Oregon Scenic Drive Along the Columbia River – … [Read more...]

Trailer Sweep Out and License Plate Light Replacement in Groveport, OH [Video]

After making a delivery of pallets to Columbus, Ohio, the trailer is a mess! Before going on to the next pick up, I'll have to sweep out the trailer. Fortunately, Schneider has a terminal in the southeastern suburb of Groveport. We'll head there and back up to a dumpster that is there for just that reason. I hope you enjoy this video; I recommend viewing it in full screen mode. https://youtu.be/1mLn9cVDKn8 If you … [Read more...]