Eating on the Road

It's easy to eat unhealthy when out on the road when you're in a hurry. But it's getting easier to eat healthy, too; many of the truck stops are now offering fruit, salads and other healthy choices in their deli case area. But you can also stock up on healthy food at the grocery store and bring it on the road with you. #TruckingLife

Eating Healthy on the Road; Fresh Orange Snacks

Oranges make for a quick, easy and healthy snack when you're on the road. You can buy them individually or in a bag. I like to slice up two or three at a time, putting the pieces of each sliced up orange into a quart size freezer bag and store them in my refrigerator. I eat the slices as part of my breakfast, with soup or a sandwich for lunch, or for dessert after dinner. PS; Have any other ideas for eating healthy on the … [Read more...]