A Death Valley Kind Of Day – Fontana CA to Winnemucca NV [Video]

In the last couple of videos, I shared driving over the Hudson River in New York, and then sweeping out a trailer in Groveport, Ohio in May 2017.

I didn’t record much usable video during May, June and July, and some of that I used to create Scenic Sunday Drive videos.

Fast forward to the end of July

I have made a concerted effort to create daily videos beginning on July 28th, which is when this video takes place.

With just a few gaps during time at home or other down time, I’ve been consistently recording a daily vlog showing what my days are like.

This video begins this daily journey.

The Journey Begins

Friday, July 28, 2017

Fontana to Hermiston RouteYesterday, after spending over seven hours getting a load in Fontana, CA that should have taken no more than one hour to pick up, we only drove about 35 miles before shutting down for the night in Hesperia.

The day is spent driving north along US Highway 395 (passing the road to Death Valley) to Bishop where we turn off onto US Highway 6 which takes us into Nevada.

(We lost daylight shortly after crossing into Nevada, so this video is nearly all about the drive in California.)

Along the way we’ll see, among other things, ancient lava flows as well as an ancient cinder cone.

Here’s something I didn’t mention in the video; I’m amazed at how much green vegetation there is along the way. Some of this is due to the heavy rains California has seen this year.

Something else that didn’t make it into the video due to time constraints; while driving near Death Valley off to the right, several of the mountain peaks off to the left had a fair amount of snow on them!

I took this photo while stopped at a rest area:

Snow on the Mountains

(Click on map to see full size in new Tab or Window)

Cities and Towns Featured Along the Way:

  • Hesperia, California
  • Lone Pine, California
  • Big Pine, California
  • Bishop, California
  • Benton, Calilfornia

Roads Travelled:

  • US Highway 395
  • US Highway 6

Scenic Points Along the Way:

  • Death Valley
  • Sierra Nevada Mountains
  • Ancient lava flows

I hope you enjoy this video; I recommend viewing it in full screen mode.

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