Roll that Beautiful Bean Footage – Hauling Beans from TN to York, PA [Video]

After delivering toilets in Greenville, South Carolina last night, we had to deadhead 134 miles to Dandridge, Tennessee for the next load.

We drove 124 miles before parking at a Walmart in Newport, Tennessee for the night.

The next morning we covered the remaining 10 miles to Bush’s Baked Beans facility near Dandridge.

The bulk of this video shows a drop and hook operation at a shipper. Drop and hook operations are typically quicker than a live load process.

Once we’ve got the loaded trailer, we’ll scale it on the on-site axle scale. Then we’ll be on our way to York, Pennsylvania where we’ll make delivery tomorrow.

This map shows the route we took from Greenville, South Carolina to Dandridge, Tennessee:

Dandridge Deadhead Route

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This map shows the route we’ll take from Dandridge, Tennessee to York, Pennsylvania:

Hauling Beans from Dandridge to York

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Cities and Towns Featured Along the Way:

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Scenic Points Along the Way:

  • East Tennessee mountains

Roads Travelled:

  • Interstate 81

I hope you enjoy this video; I recommend viewing it in full screen mode.

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  1. David E Halverson says:

    I really enjoyed that, I love the 4 B’s too (Busch’s Best Baked Beans) !…lol…Glad to be aboard, I’m a new fan. I’m going through your older trips as time permits. …Can’t believe you rolled through Bristol w/o mentioning the Bristol Motor Speedway ! ..Are you not a NASCAR fan? …IDK as I have not seen your bio or early videos. ..No big deal if you’re not, just curious. Keep on rollin’, rubber side down, as we always say to our friends at the biker bar I used to work at !…See ya soon…here I mean ..! …BigAl Halverson

    • Rick Brock says:

      Welcome to my blog website, BigAl! If you Haven’t already, be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel; there’s a link at the bottom of each page.

      I could never get into NASCAR, although I should have thought to mention the Bristol Motor Speedway; I’m at least aware of it’s existence, so I wish I would have thought to mention it during the video. Feel free to mention it in the comments for that video on YouTube if you want. -Rick


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