Houston, TX to Greenville, SC – Day 4 Driving Atlanta Rush Hour Traffic [Video]

Today we’ll continue our trek across the southern States of Alabama, Georgia and into South Carolina before making delivery in Greenville.

If you haven’t watched the previous videos in this series, I recommend you watch them first:

Day 1: Hooking the Loaded Trailer in Houston

Day 2: Crossing Louisiana on I-10

Day 3: Crossing Mississippi and Alabama

We’ll have to fight Atlanta rush hour traffic along the way, but we’ll see some interesting sights around the Atlanta International Airport.

This map shows the route we’ll be taking today from Shorter, Alabama to Greenville, South Carolina:

Shorter to Greenville Route

(Click on map to see larger version in a new tab or window)

Cities and Towns Featured Along the Way:

Scenic Points Along the Way:

Roads Travelled:

  • Interstate 85
  • Interstate 285 (Atlanta Bypass)

I hope you enjoy this video; I recommend viewing it in full screen mode.

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