Scenic Sunday Drive – Weed to Susanville in Northern California [Video]

Today’s Scenic Sunday Drive is in Northern California along the Volcanic Legacy Scenic Byway between Weed and Susanville.

Once leaving Interstate 5 just south of Weed, we travel east and southeast on California Highways 89 and 44.

This drive is on part of the California section of the Volcanic Legacy Scenic Byway which stretches 500 miles through the Cascade Mountain Range past several volcanoes in Oregon and California.

There is a lot of beautiful scenery to see along the way.

[Each Sunday I plan to release a scenic drive from somewhere around the country for your viewing pleasure. I don’t plan to narrate these, although I may include some informational banners if appropriate. The point is to just enjoy the scenery.]

This map shows where in the USA this drive takes place:

Where in US is Weed to Susanville

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Towns and Scenic Points Along the Way:

Weed to Susanville Route(Links below point to Wikipedia and open in a new Tab or Window)

I hope you enjoy this video; I recommend viewing it in full screen mode.

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