Dallas, TX to Camas, WA – Day 1: On to Amarillo [Video]

This is the second in a six-part series of videos that show my journey as I transport a load from Dallas, Texas to Camas, Washington.

If you haven’t watched the first video, I highly recommend you watch that one first:

Dallas, TX to Camas, WA Day 1: Hooking the Load

This video highlights driving through the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, getting my rig weighed on a CAT Scale, as well as an explanation of the information on the scale ticket and the legalities associated with axle weights.

Then we’ll continue on with the drive to Amarillo, where I ended the first day.

Dallas to Amarillo Route

I hope you enjoy this video; I recommend viewing it in full screen mode.

Next in this series: Day 2 Amarillo, TX to Laramie, WY.

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