Las Vegas to Winnemucca, Nevada [Video]

Ride along as we take a scenic drive from Las Vegas to Winnemucca, Nevada. Along the way we’ll visit the towns of Beatty, Goldfield and Tonopah.

Las Vegas to Winnemucca Map

Early in the journey, I get a nasty surprise! Then we’ll watch some old guy feeding pigeons in the desert.

I hope you enjoy this video; I recommend viewing it in full screen mode.

Additional Features

Something not featured in the video is the monument and scenic overlook for the Nevada Test Site and Mercury, Nevada, a closed city situated within the Nevada Test Site and was constructed by the Atomic Energy Commission to house and service the staff of the test site.

Nevada Test Site Monument

Nevada Test Site Monument

Nevada Test Site Monument

Nevada Test Site Monument

Mercury, Nevada

Mercury, Nevada

The Nevada Test Site is where nuclear weapons were tested beginning in the 1950’s. For more information, follow the links to Wikipedia.

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