Shooting Guns at Battlefield Vegas

Recently, during one of my visits home, I talked my roommate Dennis into visiting Battlefield Vegas to shoot some machine guns. I didn’t have to twist his arm much!

Battlefield Vegas has over 350 weapons ranging from pistols to sub-machine guns to assault rifles all the way up to .50 caliber machine guns!

Abrams M1 at Battlefield Vegas

Abrams M1 on static display at Battlefield Vegas

Dennis at Battlefield Vegas

Dennis preparing to shoot under the watchful eye of range safety officer Sean.

According to their website, they are rated the #1 attraction in Las Vegas. I can see why. If you call ahead, they will even pick you up in one of their Humvees.

Who wouldn’t enjoy shooting automatic weapons with your own personal range safety officer?

Sean was our safety officer, and he was awesome; he made sure the experience was fun and safe!

We took turns shooting the guns and shooting the video posted below.

Next time you are in Las Vegas with some down time, check out Battlefield Vegas.

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